Our philosophy is that every dancer should have the opportunity to be trained by the highest quality teachers, in an environment that is focused on technique and artistry instead of competition. 


Why should you sign your child up for dance classes?

1. Dance is an outlet for children to express themselves.

Kids feel emotions very deeply –especially after the past two years -- and learning healthy ways of expressing those emotions is a big part of “growing up”.  Dance teaches a healthy and active way to express emotions and stories through movement

2. Dance helps your child develop a love for the arts.

We need the arts - they help us learn about others, to feel deeply, to see beauty, and to create. Whether your child ends up a professional dancer or a scientist, a love for the arts will enrich their life.

3. Dance is a safe space where your child can feel supported, validated, and accepted.

At the Conservatory- dancers are loved, welcomed and embraced for who they are. Our young students not only have positive role models in their instructors to look up to, but also older dancers who love supporting and cheering on the younger dancers around the studio!

4. Dance supports your child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Not only does dance help teach emotional expression and empathy, it is an active activity!  Dance teaches children to love movement and being active.

5. Dance challenges your child to focus their attention for a longer period of time.

Our progression of leveled classes is a great example of this – our 3-year-old students start out in a 45-minute class each week, which gradually grows as they get older.  When dancers continue to add on classes and time in class as they grow, their ability to focus on one task for a longer period of time continues to improve!

6. Dance helps make connections between your child’s prior knowledge and new experiences.

Just like in math, where a child must learn addition before multiplication, dance has specific methodology that is taught in a specific order that builds on each prior skill. Your child will learn the value of learning in this systematic, methodical way - which will further aid them as they are making connections in their school work.

7. Dance improves your child’s long-term recall.

We learn and rehearse our routines for recital for months!  Dancers in class learn choreography one week, then review it and add a little more the next week.  At our June recital, students are recalling choreography and steps that they started practicing in January.  This long-term recall and combination of “old” and “new” knowledge helps them use their memory to learn and retain important information!

8. In dance, your child will learn discipline, respect for Authority, Others, and Self.

Dance class teaches children to wait their turn, to listen to their teacher, to raise their hand to talk, and to have proper classroom etiquette. It also teaches creativity, imagination, problem solving, and group unity. A trained dancer is a child that has the skills to succeed in all areas of life.

9. Dance helps your child develop gross and fine motor skills.

We practice age-appropriate skills in every class – our curriculum is heavily informed by childhood development.  Movements learned in dance class translate to greater body control, flexibility, poise, grace and strength.

10. Dance helps to wire your child’s brain for successful learning.

Actively participating in a dance class teaches children to learn by watching, by listening, and by doing.  Building strengths in these three learning methods will help them adapt to different teaching styles in school. Dance also teaches multitasking, which is invaluable in their future adult brains.

11. Dance helps your child develop self confidence.

Learning a skill, working hard to improve, and seeing it all pay off with each performance helps your child to develop confidence. They learn that things of worth take time and practice, and that they are capable of achieving their dreams if they are willing to put in the work.


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